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About the Art

The majority of my creations employ a copper-foil method of glass work while using nontraditional frameworks. I also utilize glass as the main medium in mosaic and collage works.

Much of my work may seem industrial, raw, and unpolished. I enjoy combining colors, space, patterns, and shapes to create layers of movement and emotion that cut across the dimensions of the frameworks I use. My art is often described as “repurposed", as I often use old bike rims and other found objects as frameworks. I believe that materials used in art, like individuals, all have an inherent beauty/purpose that may just need the careful eye of a creative soul to coax it forward.


While I am not sure where my journey as an artist will evolve to, I am hopeful that I can leave glimpses of beauty along the way for others to say, “Wow, now that is unique”.

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